Friday, October 9, 2009

Out of this World!

At  3 o'clock this morning, after I had gruellingly 'fixed' a new site and told everyone about it, this comes right back! 

Well, I am happy.  But, I'll see you on the other site as well, okay, my friends?

I'm bushed.  Good night!

(To those I hadn't informed yet, my other URL is


ladyviral said...

Good sleeps~ Make sure to have a good rest :).

Willie said...

are you moving to the new blog or it is your other blog?

Cher said...

hi Che! congratulations on your new blog! i'm now your official follower. :)

i, too, have a new blog which i haven't introduced yet. still working on it but you can take a peep @ and be my follower too. haha!

have a good rest, girl. warm hugs and kisses to you and the kids.

reanaclaire said...

hi..first time coming by here via ladyviral's bloglist.. will go and visit yr other blog too .. :)

Anonymous said...

sabi ko na nga ba!

Icy BC said...

This is great, Cherie..I'm glad this blog is back..Now, you will be busier..

rainfield61 said...

I'll be exhausted if still stay awake at 3am.
Need a good resttttttttttt..

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cherie, Congrats on the new blog. Will it replace this one--or be in addition to this one????

We are headed to Hendersonville today to check on G's parents. And we have company coming tomorrow. Fun Fun!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Cherie said...

thanks, lv!

no, willie, i now have two!

thanks, cher! aligaga ako. will check yours out in a few!

welcome, reanaclaire! lv's a darling! please make yourself at home!

hihihi, manoy doro!

oh, Icy, it's like having another kid in the house! but i'm excited! whew! so relieved this site's not gone!

rainfield, you're a riot! i'm a night nurse, i can handle it, hahaha!

Cherie said...

ms. betsy! i thought i had lost this blog, to tell you the truth. but no, ma'am, looks like it's here to stay! so, i'll have two blogs to attend to now!~~please give my love to sir george, oh boy! someBUDDIES sure are enjoying autumn!

Odessa said...

I had the same ordeal and could not finish until 2 am. So I created an identical blog, will get rid of the old one.
LOL. I don't have to email a lot of peeps anyways, still a budding blogger here. =)
my new blog:

Cherie said...

ano kaya'ang nangyari, jie? anyway, sana na-save mo naman lahat ng sinulat mo dun, lalo na yung tungkol kay rught with you, jie!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Blogger keeps us humble -smile-.

Cherie said...

i agree, ms. sandy.

Ricardo said...

Wonderful that you have started a new blog. Your blog just vanished? Scary.

Sabrina said...

I will have to check it out!

betchai said...

wow Che, congratulations on your new site. will go there after i leave this comment. hope all is well and hope you are having a great weekend.

Stephanie Faris said...

Nothing wrong with having a backup site!


Wow how you do it all lady...I can't even keep up with just one blog!
Hope you are having a restful weekend! xo*

cherie said...

hard to keep up, though, RL!

yup, stay with me, sab!^_^

thank you, bethsky! naku, napasubo na ako, akala ko kasi wala na ito!

right about that, steph!

sweetie, i don't know myself! haha! i guess we'll see..

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Dear Cherie,

Yes, the new blog of uncovering culture is refulgent. It has my commendation.


To make your link look shorter; in your New Post board, type in Uncovering a Culture first on the space, then go up to the table bar and select link (the one with a chain Icon) and click on that.

A little window opens and type in the URL of your new blog which is and click okay.

It will come out as UNCOVERING A CULTURE (highlighted). It looks neat.

I am still catching up with so many things here at home, outside home and the blogosphere.

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