Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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The electric bill came up to $146.00 for last month.  Whew.  That alone makes me shiver even more.  But we can't help it (or can we)?  It's the winter break, and the kids are mostly at home, we've had some guests over the holidays, and it's REALLY  just cold.  It's 22 degrees outside right now as I type this.  I crank the heater way over 70 almost everyday because despite sweaters and socks and quilts (thanks, Ms. Sandy, AJ takes his Thomas quilt everywhere around the house), it is still freezing. 

I think I'm getting better, though.  When I talk, my voice is raspy, booming, whispery, or not there at all.  I am following everybody's advice, thank you so much, and since I'm off  today and tomorrow,  I hope to get the rest I need.

How do you all cope with this winter chill?  Brrrr!!!


RNSANE said...

I wish my PG&E bill were that low. Ours runs nearly $300/month and San Francisco temperatures are about 50 at night and 60 in the daytime. I'm not sure why this is but it's not good. My bedroom is in the basement in what used to be the rec room so it is cold...sliding glass door and all. I usually have an electric throw on when I'm at the computer..it is cheaper than the space heater I used to use! Now that I'm retired, I can't afford such a huge bill. We normally turn the heat to 60 at night!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Glad to hear the quiltie is in use and hope it's keeping him warm, at least a tiny bit.
Yep, it's cold here and our bedroom was 47.7 F day before yesterday when I forced myself out of bed. I wear layers and start with long johns. The more, thin, layers the better able the body is to trap heat and keep you warm. I keep my head, throat, feet and hands warm and the rest of me follows suit. Usually.
Snow, cold temps, high winds are expected beginning tomorrow here on the farm and that means wind chills below zero...again. The wind just takes the stuffing right outta me!

Icy BC said...

It's cold here too, Cherie..I don't want to look at my heat bill yet, but I know for sure it'd be more than yours..

Just keep warm!

cherie said...

hahaha! the cold really does get to us, doesn't it? i wish we didn't give away the electric blankets, ms. carmen! i sure can use them now! the boys throw a fit when i bundle them up, ms. sandy, it's incredible - i don't know how their bodies do it. while aris and i have long johns, socks, blankets and comforters over us, they threw away the covers, wear shirts like it's summertime, and aj actually protests the socks! dear icy, i bet your bill's higher than mine, hahaha! you live in one of the coldest states ever!

here's to keeping warm, everyone! stay healthy!

Jesusa said...

Ours run around $500 this time of year. We like it warm inside when it's cold outside. It feels like you're back in the "womb," hahahahaha. Dapat siguro magbalik sa sorsogon pag pasko para lain mahagkot.

cherie said...

aysus, hataasun, haha. hala, keep warm kamo intiro.

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