Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh, yeah, bring it on!

Tomorrow's the 31st, so out with the old and in with the new. 

Curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, towels, rugs - we changed them all. The laundry room's busy, there is absolutely no piece of clothing to be left behind.  Wash, wash, wash.

M put coins on the windowsills.  Yup, attract the gods of the finances, to always keep them in order.  Only round fruits on the table.  "Mom, onions?"  "No, dear, just fruits."

No broken anything.  I have a vase in one of the bathrooms that I fixed with superglue a few weeks back.  That has to go, too.  My china and utensils have to be in perfect shape. 

Only good thoughts now.  That's right, bring it on!  Let the tiger ROOOAAARRR!!!

What are you doing to usher the new year in?


Misalyn said...

I just laughed out loud with the onions thing :) Reminded me of my son JM.

Me and my husband will be travelling to Dubai tonight to watch the fireworks at Jumeirah Beach. My kids are not here anymore. Sigh*

I will clean my humble abode today, just like a normal day.

Happy New Year Ma'am Cherie. Abundant blessing to you for the coming years. I hope that you feel better today.

Sabrina said...

I will be spending time with good friends.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you are ready for a great new year...i look forward to seeing my fam who has been away this week doing christmas with FIL>

RNSANE said...

I will probably be sitting here on the computer. Going out in the evening, long before midnight, for Japanese food...eating the traditional Southern blackeyed peas and greens, with ham hocks New Year's Day, my only resolution is to keep breathing.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Stephanie Faris said...

YOU are organized. We're just figuring out where to go to celebrate the new year.

cherie said...

hello, joy. oh, so the kids are in the philippines? happy new year to you all, too! take it easy, okay?

hi, sab, guess what, i'll be wearing scrubs and welcoming the new year at work. yup! church in the morning!

oo-kay! who's FIL? :) i probably need to hop over to your site and read, read, read. well, you know how it is, we try to be ready, but before we know it, boom! the new year's here! have a good, blessed one with your family, brian!

hahaha, sounds good, ms. carmen! where are the boys?

at work they tell me, 'you are so detailed!' i guess organized and detailed go hand-in-hand, eh, steph? hahaha! all right, be safe whatever you decide to do! happy new year, my dear!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Cherie, I have adopted a tradition I read about once. I jot down all of my concerns on a paper and place them in an ash tray. At the stroke of midnight I am in prayer and the paper is in ashes signaling that the problems have been sent to God. I want to usher in the New Year without burdens and by trusting God to deliver me.

Thanks for the new (miasma) vocabulary word. I love learning new words and you are so imaginative. :-)

cherie said...

juds! he-hey! i love your tradition, i think i will do the same! but i'll be at work at the stroke of midnight, without anything to burn the list with so - that will be a challenge! wow, i love it already! ~~~ you're welcome, i'm glad you liked my imagination! ;)

Gypsy said...

We are going to a Fancy Dress party at my brothers where we are going to dig up the time capsule we buried at the 1999/2000 NYE. I can't wait to see what we wrote about 10 years ago.

Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy New Years.

cherie said...

sounds exciting, gypsy! please blog about it, and tell us - or at least me!!! happy new year to you, my dear!

betchai said...

i so admire the enthusiasm you have to welcome the New Year, Che. the only tradition I can remember that we do back home at New Year was jumping and jumping so we grow tall, we would jump the highest we could, but after we stopped from growing, me and my younger brothers stopped from jumping, so now, I don't have any tradition anymore since I do not have kids to jump with me :)
oh, another tradition i remember is having coins in my pocket :)
I will probably be very busy doing homework during the New Year, because sadly, I did not do any work on my vacation, and right now, my mind does not work at all though how much I try to write :( blogging and facebooking is a lot easier. this is so unlike me, since I remember, finishing all work before the New year is part of it so that the next year will be a relaxing one :)

Happy New Year again, Che

Icy BC said...

Oh goodness, Cherie..that's a lot of things to turn over for a New Year.

But whatever works, right?

I open the front and back doors to shoo out bad lucks, bad things at midnight!

cherie said...

i think we did the jumping when i was a kid, too, betchik, but as you can see, it didn't work, heheh. hope you finish your homework on time!

hmm, i like that, icy. i'll do that just before we all leave the house tonight.

happy new year, one and all!

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