Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Sore Throat

Does anyone please know of any remedy?

I had the H1N1 mist about a week ago, and then, with FULL warning of course, started feeling an exodus of symptoms.  First came the backache, then my finger joints just felt sore, my muscles hurt like crazy, everything was out of whack - I had to ask my husband to give me a good massage right away.  My whole body was on fire, it was unbelievable.  Eventually,  Extra Strength Tylenol quickly got rid of all that.  (I still take it PRN/as necessary.)  But then came this awful, awful sore throat that I can't shake off.

It is so bad I've had to apply Vicks on my neck and wrap a short kind of scarf around it TO and AT work for two nights now.  I've been drinking hot tea, eating nothing but soup, and pumping up on vitamins and pain killers, to no avail.  A friend suggested ginger.  I'll probably have to drink the water I boil it in, I forgot to ask.

My throat feels swollen, (though I don't believe it is), and swallowing is extremely painful.

What a nightmare and a half.



Brian Miller said...

ack...been fighting one for two days...will check back to see if there is anything i can do beyond the vit C...

rainfield61 said...

I don't think ginger can help, it may make it worse.

Sorry I can't give you any advice, but I can pray for you.

buday said...

Weird but I had a BURNING sore throat like that last summer, also about a week after we were all given anti-flu shots at work.
Anyway, gargle with warm (not just lukewarm) water w/ some salt. It might not be a cure but it's soothing.

Icy BC said...

So sorry you're having a terrible sore throat, Cherie!

When I have a sore throat, I drink "I love lemon tea", with honey, or suck on marinated prune which you can find at Oriental market..

I hope you feel better!

Trudy said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry you're feeling that badly Cherie. Try tea with lemon and honey...or even just hot water with honey and/or lemon.

My husband has had that same horrible throat trouble...we were even in the e.r. with him yesterday because he was having a choking sensation and it was hard for him to breathe.

I will be praying you feel better soon!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sambucol will help boost your immune system and may lesson the symptoms. Dave took the shot and didn't, Thank God, have any adverse effects.
Gosh, Cherie, did you have to take it? I'm SO leary of taking shots like that.
Praying you'll soon be well!

cherie said...

i hope you feel better, brian. i am dizzy now - is it all the tea i have drank?

okay, i'll take your word for it (ginger), rainfield. thanks.

ay, thank you, melodie. i do that and it helps.

thank you, icy. i am downing so much hot tea now that i am so dizzy, i don't know why.

i am really down in the dumps, trudy, so i certainly feel for your husband. i hope he is better, thank you, sweetie. you and the wee one take care.

let me try that, ms. sandy. i am so beside myself with all the hype surrounding H1N1 that we all just went ahead and got the vaccine. thank you, ma'am. you take care.

Ayie said...

drink plenty of water, have a fdreshly brewed ginger tea and if you are not used to it you may put honey with it. Drink it warm. get well soon.

Whitemist said...

You are building up antibodies and that is what it is suppose to do. many times your body produces the "effects" which are in reality the body building itself up (contradictory, huh?)
Honey with lemon, ginger, chlorasetic all seem to help the throat thing very well.
Vitamin C helps the Immune system push on (at least that is one theory)

cherie said...

Thank you, aying, Sir Joey. My voice is so hoarse, sometimes raspy, sometimes just a whisper. I think I am getting better. The pain is still there but I'm off for two days. I hope to get the rest I need.

Jesusa said...

I guess hot tea with honey is also soothing. Get Cepacol Sore throat spray, it numbs the throat for a long time and can give you relief:) I hope you feel better. I got the H1N1 shot not the spray and didn't get those symptoms. I hope you feel better!

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