Thursday, July 9, 2009

The ballgame

which was really all about this
and this,

quickly progressed into these

and these,

(with cotton candy on the side - burp!),

and this little one cheering for the wrong team (batter, batter, baseball, chaaarge!).

We did get to enjoy the game despite the drizzle. And the fireworks were fun.
Happy summer, everyone!


betchai said...

your series of pictures tell us the story Che, glad to see you all having a wonderful time at the ball game. Happy summer too :)

kulasa said...

hello Che! thanks for taking me with you to the ball game...Life is indeed glorious!

cherie said...

thank you, bethsky. the boys' social life is so active this summer, whew!

cherie said...

come back for more, zen! life is a ballgame!

Ayie said...

looks like it was a fun, seeing everybody smiling so seetly =P

cherie said...

it was, thanks, ayie.

Icy BC said...

This looks like fun family activity..

Hopping over for a visit, and hope you are well..

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