Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aching Shoulders, Tired Eyes

Oooohh, just spent the looongest time beating a deadline (more than 15 hours of computer work). My eyes are so blurred, despite the thick lenses, I can't seem to see anymore. My shoulders are sore from the stiff position, and my back's crying for a massage.

Nursing is not all patient care. The paperwork behind it is also immense.

(Not to mention the pressure from the almighties. Ahhh!!)

Thank You, God, I am done! Will get some good rest. Hope your day was better.


cizrein said...

Hi ate Cherie! Rina here, Dessa's younger sister.. Well, you really should catch some rest now.. You don't wanna end up being the patient now do you?.. take care!

Cher said...

don't overwork yourself girl, have a good rest. :)

hi Matt! tita cher is sorry to keep you waiting. just a lot of things goin' on here anak, we'll make up with you soon. kisses to you and AJ. :)

rainfield61 said...

You are suffering burn-out. Let's go for a cup of hot chocolate.

Icy BC said...

You deserve some good rest..Have some sleep and soak in a hot bath..Take care of yourself!

betchai said...

oh sorry about that Cher, do take some good rest, hope you feel more relaxed later.

i too have aching shoulders right now, but it is from too much swimming and boogie boarding in the ocean, will do it again today since it may be my arms just need exercise.

take care and have some good pampering to relieve yourself of the aching shoulders and tired eyes.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cherie, There's something special about completing a job and completing a deadline project!!!! Paperwork is NO fun in ANY job... BUT--it has to be done. Glad you finished it. NOW---get some rest AWAY from the computer.

Whitemist said...

A nurses job is never done. Working with those not in a hospital setting, the paper work is still there, sometimes worse. blurred,aching eyes, I can relate! It is time for a rest!

jhackie decena said...

hi!!how are you?

cherie said...

rina: hello, kelangan kasi, eh. thank you for your sweetness, and for coming by!

cher: hihi - it was something i forgot to do, and i had to finish by yesterday, which i did, thankfully. i let matthew read your note. he said :she really has the same name as you." hihi..take care kayo diyan!

rainfield: hi sir! oh my, a hot cup of chocolate is my cure-all! thak you so very much, i think i would!

icy: 'soak in a hot bath' ooooh, such luxury. Icy, i think i just might! thank you for the thoughtfulness!

beth: aris promised to take us to the beach tomorrow so i'll have some R and R. you have got to show me pictures of you boogie boarding!!

ms. betsy: haha - i did get away from the computer, but i'm back, and i'll be posting something in a few. thank you, ma'am, i messed up my schedule, and got caught offguard - whew, it gave me a worrisome weekend, but i finished everything monday so, i'm here enjoying myself again. thank you, ma'am!

whitemist: hello, sir! oh Lord, i am sure you can! yesterday, one of the almighties at work told me "cherie, ours is a precarious business." boy, don't i agree!

jhackie: i am fine now, having the time of my life, thank you. and i hope you are the same.

Jesusa said...

girl, get some r&r:)

kulasa said...

..."Not to mention the pressure from the Almighties."- he he he....alam mo ba sis, kahapon, pauwi na sana ako after ng 24 hour duty nung sinabihan kami ng chief of hosp namin to see him sa office nya nung kasama ko M.D., apparently may verbal complaint from a friend of a political figure na di masyado natuwa sa "not so special" treatment namin sa kanila he he he...well di naman ako ang involved, mga kasama ko pero nakakainis pa rin grrrr gosh, life in this country minsan talaga haiz he he he...go get that rest sis, i've already had enough of it so i'm treating myself to this love affair with words and images again he he he...mwah!

Ayie said...

OH, that was hard. Better rest then,,, not good for you.

DebbieDana said...

Hi Cherie! I'm sorry it took so long before I got the chance to visit your blog. I appreciate your visit and most of all your wonderful comment! So, you're a mother of 2 boys...that's wonderful!!

Anyway, I hope you feel better now, no more aching shoulders and tired eyes! Take full rest and enjoy the weekend!!

Debbie :)

blessedmom said...

hello hello there friend! musta na? guess u really need to take a good rest :)

ingat always! :)

have a blessed day! :)

Sol said...

magpahuway tabi......ayaw pakaabusuha an lawas kay wara ka sana mabakal na pansalida tabi..... ingat....

cherie said...

thank you, grace, zen, ayie, debbie, blessedmom and sol - i just got back from a vacation, and feeling good! God bless you all!

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