Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Trip to New Hampshire

Hello, friends! Sorry, I was out for a while - we went on a trip to New Hampshire! See, I followed your advice and had a marvelous RandR! A very long ride indeed, but it was a most wonderful vacation! I missed blogging while we were there, and there are still a thousand and one things to attend to before I go to work tonight, but I thought I'd say a quick hello to you all because I've missed you, guys! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and visits to my blogsite. I shall visit your blogsites soon! Please enjoy the pictures! Recharged a bit in Virginia with the kids' Grandpapa and Grandmere (my father's sister), and cousins in the next house.
At a rest area in Massachusetts
AJ and I chased some robins here (Mass.)
We drove all the way from NC to NH for M's 7th birthday!
Three doctors, a college professor, an engineer, and three as of yet unchartered courses, hahaha! (The kiddos make me feel like I've already outlived my prime, sigh.)
Fun time at Weirs Beach, NH - there were plenty of lifeguards here so they didn't allow floaters for kids. Plenty of seagulls. A train (not noisy at all) passing across the street, and a drive-thru threater (at that time playing Harry Potter), and beautiful views of wharfs and boats and houses and pine trees along the way to here. Only about 30 minutes from my brother's house. The breeze was terrific for Baby Nathan!
With Grandma, Tito Bong, and Baby Nathan
We saw a sort of raging river and I asked Aris to find a parking area so M and I could take shots!
Something to remember from New Hampshire!
We threw pine cones to make up for sailboats, we dipped our feet, and hunted for mushrooms! This area was a lot of fun! AJ missed it because he was asleep in the car!
Enjoying the complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn and Suites - that's hot cocoa he's drinking, haha!
Wee Willie Winkie said it was time for bed
Jacuzzi time!
Heavy, heavy downpour followed us from New Hampshire to Connecticut! That's from the window on my side of the car.
Passed so many toll booths, ugh!
Stopped by Hartford, CT, to see Mark Twain's house
Touched it! And see that famous fence?
Very strange-looking indeed, AJ said it was a ghost house!
It was drizzling when we got there, but nevertheless, my Huck and Tom had a ball!
Uh, that's Sid, Tom's little brother, Tom, and Injun Joe - all right, Jim, hahaha!
A view from the side
Oh my God, over 2 hours at the New York Turnpike!
(A view of some NY buildings- we wanted to go inside the city so bad but the traffic was dreadful, Aris said next time, we fly, couldn't blame him, hahaha)

Screaming their heads off while we were passing through the Maryland tunnel
It had been a wonderful experience for the boys, we wanted them to see as much of the East Coast as possible. We passed about 6 or 7 states to and from NC, and it was a toss between the Empire State Building and the Mark Twain House and Museum, the latter winning thumbs down as M is an avid fan of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. All the states we passed and stayed in were awesome! We had a most fun adventure! Thank you for taking the time to read and see the pictures. Next post, our little birdies by the ledge! Have a blessed Sunday from our family to yours!


Icy BC said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad everyone enjoyed it..

cherie said...

hi, Icy! my only regret is not having visited Robert Frost's place! it was a most unplanned trip, but maybe it means we should go back, hahaha! thanks, Icy!

betchai said...

Hi Che, glad to know you had a great R and R, the pictures speak for the wonders and joys in your trip, glad you have recharged and hopefully feeling a lot better now.

kulasa said...

hi Che, i truly enjoyed viewing your photos...please tell AJ and Matt tita Zen here is a fan...i love that photo of them "screaming their heads off while you were passing through the Maryland tunnel" and of course your "something to remember from New Hampshire"... your boys at "Jacuzzi time" and the "heavy downpour from your side of the car".....may God bless you and your family always sis...mwah!

cherie said...

beth: a most hurried trip, but a most refreshing one. thank you, beth!

zen: i keep telling the boys, sweetie...tell your boys they have freinds over here, too, if they want to play! thank you fro enjoying the pictures, pagod na pagod ako, konti lang yan...

Ricardo said...

Well worth ditching the blog for fun like this. These are great pictures.

cherie said...

hi, ricardo! i wished i had extra arms and an extra head then, i tell you, busy, busy time!! i'm glad you enjoyed the pictures...

Jesusa said...

i'm glad you got a chance to relax. good job!

cherie said...

haha - i did, thank you, grace! missed you, girl!

diane said...

Nothing beats having a good time with the family.

cherie said...

thank you, ms. diane. hope you're having a nice weather over there!

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