Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Reflections

A few nights ago, Matthew asked me, "Mom, which do you prefer, Death or Glory?" I said, Death. He said, why. And I said, so many people want glory. Glory is fame. Glory is popularity. Sometimes, in order to be famous or popular, people fight. They betray their friends. They become proud and act irresponsibly. For fame and glory, many will sell their souls to the devil. It is not worth it.

Whereas everybody dies. And God does not care whether you are famous or not. What He cares about is if you have betrayed a friend or were proud and irresponsible or if you have sold your soul to the devil. He is the Eternal Glory, and in dying without the pursuit of fame or glory on earth, we glorify ourselves in Him.

It took a lot more words to expand on all the concepts but I think my son pretty much understood. After our discussion, I asked him, which do you prefer? He said, Death.

Matthew is also very much concerned about where he and AJ will go if Aris and I died at the same time. Those were his exact words. I said that we had already taken care of that, and told him the plan. He was most serious, after which he covered his face with his blanket (for we were in bed) and sobbed that "if that happens, I will miss you."

I consoled him with the fact (in so many words) that we all will be together again in heaven.

Little children have the purest thoughts, and in their most vulnerable, need to see that we are sad along with them, but at the same time, have firm convictions, to assure them that all is (and will be) well.


Today's news highlights on Ted Kennedy alongside that of the Dugard girl have affected me so much, for various reasons. There was much discussion in the family afterwards about love, and unity, and education, and safety, and trust, one no more important than the other. And it didn't matter that the children are young. Our sons are always a big part of everything that we do.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Cherie, what a beautiful conversation you had with your son. It IS important for children to feel safe and protected if they should lose someone so close to them, as a parent, grandparent, etc. God Bless you and your family...may you have MANY happy years together honey!! I was so impressed by this post, that I am going to put a link to it on my website.

Sharodindu said...

Very touchy post! I am 100% agree with you that children have the purest heart and mind!
The photograph is very suitable for the post. Our life is just like another tree...we should perform our task and rest will be taken care by God!

Thanks of sharing the most beautiful conversation!


Karinann said...

Very profound question from your son! You had a great response.

Droomvla said...

I was crying while I was reading your blog today (yesterday?). I could almost see you with your son, and I felt like I was there while you were telling him those things. Indeed, very touching!

Karaot baga san betrayal, especially if it involved your best friend. I know. Been there...

Whitemist said...

That was beautiful and sooooo true!

rainfield61 said...

Most of us would like to avoid talking about death, though it is the final and only destination we are heading to.

cherie said...

oh, wow, i am so touched by your comment and gesture, ms. deb. not a day passes that i am not worried about their safety, and hope and pray that my husband and i not die yet because the boys are way too young...

welcome to my site, sharodindu! it took me a while to choose which picture to post along with the article. i am glad you liked my choice - and the post! i am touched by your comment, many thanks!

it is very hard to choose the right words sometimes, karinann, because he's so young! and in truth, i don't even know where he got the concepts of Death and Glory from. thank you, your comment warms my heart.

ay, makulugon, but things happen, and we just move on. i'm sorry that the post made you cry. your comment melts my heart.

thank you, sir. i didn't expect this warm response from everyone.

i am guilty of that, too, sometimes, but conversations such as this with my son jolts me back to reality, and makes me understand that death is very real indeed. and now i am not the only one 'bothered' by it. thank you, rainfield. your response makes me think.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I too was impressed. I have had many similar conversations with my children and now grand children. We have much to leave them & most of it cannot be spent.

Please do not feel any pressure, as I see you were just the recipient of a number of awards. Congratulations, there are more. You are well deserving. Take care & God bless!

Icy BC said...

I read your post early this morning, and was touched deeply..You have a great response with such a delicate issue!

cherie said...

you make me smile, judy! thank you for such thoughtfulness! on children: sometimes i have to pinch myself to remind myself to be a little more careful, a little more patient, a little more available. and i do say sorry to them at the end of the day (even though i had already done so earlier) when i feel guilty over things they probably had forgotten about but were big deal to me anyways, if i knew i had hurt their feelings.

i am so humbled by your response, Icy, thank you. i try, i know i have a long way to go compared to you and so many of you here on the blogosphere who inspire me. and i keep hoping i don't disappoint my sons - not too much anyway. thank you!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good for you, not dodging the hard lessons of life. It's best you prepare your son now for the future later. He's a smart child and tell him Miss Sandy said so -smile-.

Sol said...

urati ka talaga naka converse ka about death to your sons..ako di ko kaya.... pero you are very correct in your glory, fame and betrayal and in death indeed, glory is there when you will be staying with Him in heaven... and true, everybody is destined to die but please, not now yet... kids need us still.... ingat!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Oh come on Cherie, you make me cry too! Yes, it's best to educate our children while earlier on. Death is not to be scared of. For me, the rest is better and wait for the Judgment Day. Anyway, when that day comes and we deserve God's mercy, we will be transformed to spirit being. So there will be no more Mommy and Daddy there. No night, no tears, no sorrow. Good Mommy Cherie!

betchai said...

I admire your conversation with M Che, you have such a thoughtful heart and mind to pass on to M and AJ.

cherie said...

he'll be tickled pink, ms. sandy, thank you...

sukat man kay ginhapot ako na dili ko man aram kun diin man niya nakuwa ina na mga concepts (basi nabati sa tv)..paminsan-minsan mayad man an conversations mi na mag-ina, hahaha

thank you, ate inday1 i'll tell the boys that the next time they have a 'moment'

i try, do ask the hardest questions!


Ayie said...

i admire your son's deep thoughts =)

i like how you answered him too.

cherie said...

naku, nagkataon lang siguro, ayie, but thank you sincerely. how old are your kids?

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