Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Sibling Frolic

My kids love to play, waddle, walk, run, dive, name whatever it is, into anything, well, let's just say, unconventional. For example, instead of walking calmly on the sidewalk, they would rather tramp on the grass. Instead of leaving a good pile of autumn leaves alone, they would plunge onto it complete with Indian whoops, things like that.

Well, today, it rained.

Aris DOES NOT like them doing this on account of WORMS. And he said dog-owners sometimes let their dogs pee over them. But these puddles were NEW and FRESH. Not THE ONE (we all know it) where the worms were.
So when the little boy jumped in (see how happy he was, he even removed his slippers!) the kuya (big brother) joined in. Was I gonna say no? Not this momma. So they went from puddle to puddle and splashed with gusto. Daddy STILL said something. And of course, since mom is Ms. Sanitation, it was straight from the puddles
to the bubbles!

You bet I scrubbed them good, especially the little toes!


rainfield61 said...

I remember when we were little kids, we just ran wild in the village during heavy rain. This was very enjoyable, for a little kid when there was no electronic games.

cherie said...

rainfield! i am on your blogsite right now, answering your riddle! hahah! i enjoyed puddles when i was a kid, too! thanks for the drop by!

Sol said...

amu daw, di mo mabayadan an kaugmahan san duwa mo... pag nagdaragko na yan, di na man yan madalagan arug kaan sa uran so, pabayai lang....didi ngani mas malabuy pa an indadalaganan san mga batit, di man baya naaanu..... ada ka man to protect di ba? a blessed Sunday to you and your family...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cherie, Your little guys are just so gorgeous.. There's nothing better for little ones than playing and stomping around in the rain. LOVE it!!!!!

AND--after all of the mud and dirt and wet clothes, there's nothing better than a bubble bath. Life is GOOD.


cherie said...

tama ka dida, sol! pipabayaan ko maski nauurit an ama, hahahah! surat na gihapon, hali ako sa blog mo, wara pa bag-o...God bless man did. 'Ber na!!!

cherie said...

thank you, ms. betsy! we have lots of fun with them! and yes, certainly, love, love the rain so i let them have their hearts' fill running around in the puddles! they love their bubble bath in the end, too! huge hugs from us!

Icy BC said...

Remind me of child hood when we all jumping into puddle right after the rain...We beat the dog to it!

Dea said...

Me too! Lol. And looks like your boys had lots of fun..very cute pics!

Trudy said...

I love the puddle picture, that is awesome! Yep, definitely need the bubbles after but who could deny anyone the fun of splashing in the rain!

Whitemist said...

lovely frolicking in warm rain!

betchai said...

Che, I love rain, and when I was a kid of M and AJ's age, I really was thrilled when it rains for it was time to play! Love the pictures, they are very happy pictures. from puddles to bubbles, life is wonderful.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Oh Miss Sanitation. lol.

That word reminds me of two sisters. One is Mrs Filthy and the other is Mrs Clean.

Mrs Filthy is so philosophical and cannot be told to clean up.

She retorted Mrs Clean, "Manang, nobody died of filthiness but many died of too much cleanliness."

True to form and guess who died first? Wanna bet?

Oh boy!

Once in a while, let the children expose to tolerable dirt to build up their immune resistance to bacteria. Just remember the word: Limitation for as long as they will not ingest and digest harmful germs.

Again another thing reminds me of something. When I took the Pharmacy Board Exam in 1984, one question asked was: What is the role of bacteria in Industrialization?

Find this in my blog comment blog. I'll feature this there for quick linking.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Loved the pictures. What a wonderful adventure. We loved playing in the rain. I remember my children splashing in the puddles - all over me. lol

cherie said...

beat the dog to it, indeed! hahah! now that's what i call FUN, Icy!

thank you, dea! i don't know where my recollection of puddles has gone, but i remember loving MUD! oh, that fun!!!

oh, my! i had countless showers in the rain! strong rain pelting our heads and drenching our clothes till they clung like second skin! oooh, just love rain! thanks, ms. trudy!

lovely indeed, sir whitemist!

oh, bethsky, i was so like you!! thrilled when it rained, and loved running, sliding, just having the time of our lives! i'm glad you liked the pictures!

haha! ate inday! oh Lord. i'm totally with you! at the back of my mind yesterday, i said i'll deworm them later if it comes to that. hahah! let me guess - mrs. clean met an early demise, eh? i hope i don't! lol!

oh boy, i would have loved to splash along with them! maybe i should - next time! thanks for the idea, judy!


Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Oh, I cannot help myself to splashing into puddles to this very day. I walk to work everyday and some summerdays, I see such terrific puddles laid out before me, the temptation is big and I look around, behind and when no one is there, I give into the temptation and into the puddle I go... SPLASH!! Oh what fun! =)


KayDee said...

What beautiful children and what fun they are having in the photos. We adults should learn to let go and jump in puddles once in a while.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely photos, Cherie! But what your husband said is true. I remember that we were not allowed to walk barefooted, because of worms that could get into our feet.
But we lived in Indonesia!
Thanks for your visit!

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Oh I miss jumping in puddles. I miss a lot of things about being a kid! Your kids are beautiful!!

Thank you for the cupcake award - it is adorable!

cherie said...

hi michele1 thank you for coming by! hahah, that's funny! i do the same thing, but not with puddles!

hello, kaydee! thank you! i know what you mean, and i'm all for that! woo-hoo, what fun!

hello speedy momma! thank you, and hey, i'm glad you drove by! you deserve the award!

ladyviral said...

Hahaha! When I was a kid I used to love that too! The feeling of the water at our feet is nice! Then again when I was a kid, I also play with frogs and tadpoles and mud :P.

cherie said...

LV, don't start, hahaha! i played with MICE! yuuucccckkk!! i was maybe three or so, i opened this closet where my mother used to keep herFree Press magazines and saw these finger-length black mice, scooped them up, and ran squealing with delight to the front porch, sat down spread eagled, and started to play with them. somebody (i don't remember who) soon saw me and just about fainted. that person got rid of those mice quickly and scrubbed me clean. i shiver at the thought now, yuuuuucccckkk again!! hahahahaha!!!

sunnymama said...

They are having so much fun playing in the puddles! So adorable in the bubble bath :)

cherie said...

thank you, sunny mama! wish Sunny was here to join them!

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