Sunday, August 9, 2009

Macro Monday Entry

Somebody drew a huge smiley on our other car last February. We saw it coming home from a party and immediately took a shot.
(Picture previously posted on Friendster)


Icy BC said...

Very cool smile, but please don't rush the winter just yet! I haven't feel enough summer this year with all the rain we had...

ladyviral said...

This is nice! I am sure it would cheer my day seeing someone do this.. but of course if they were to scratch my car.. it would be a whole different thing. :P

Cher said...

that smiley face brightened my Monday. the snow looks so thick! :)

Aliceson said...

What a fun surprise to come outside to! I was happy to read that photo was taken in Feb. and not today. I hope summer sticks around a while longer. ;)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I'm with Icy, cool smile, but summer ends too quickly. I hate shoveling snow!

Sabrina said...

When I first saw this, I thought... "Where does she live!!!"
Snow in August!!!!!!
But then I saw that it was taken in February!!!!! :)
I am definetly NOT ready for snow!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's nice to see snow NOW--since it is so darn hot here this week. I am always tired of summer when August comes... But--since we have an air-conditioned house, I shouldn't be complaining (until the bill comes!!!)... ha

Cute picture.

Stephanie Faris said...

How cuuuuuuuute. I'll have to do that to someone if we ever get snow here again. We rarely do.

CTG Ponies said...

Very cute! Not too sure about all that snow but I like the smiley face.

T. Anne said...

That's cute! I'm glad the weather's much warmer now though.

Nivin said...

Thats so Cute! :) Heavy snow?!? who ever did that, did great! very pleasing sight!
~ WildBlack

cherie said...

haha! love all your cool responses!

hihi- don't worry, Icy, i won't! sigh, i want a loooonger summer myself - heading to the beach in two days, come with us!!!

oh no, haha! if they had scratched the car, ladyviral, i would have cried! i was a little worried about that though, but they were careful, thank goodness..thanks for the drop by!

bihira lang ito, cher! it rarely snows in nc, so last feb. was a good one. glad the smiley made your day!

haha! i sometimes wonder if i can trade one summer day for one like that, though, it gets too muggy outside at this time of the year!
but yes, we will enjoy whatever's left of it - it's been a quick, whirwind sweltery season for me, too! thanks, aliceson!

oh, judy, it is quite a mess, shovelling snow, and i hate all that mud, and all that flinging off the clinging snow before getting inside the house! haha! but, time enought for that. for now, the summer's thick and high and is the beach is beckoning! thanks, judy!

haha! w-ell, i thought someone would wonder where i lived! ;)
yes, sabrina, let's enjoy the rest of this summer!! thank you, dear!

hi ms. betsy! i do wish fot it, too, sometimes! it gets oven-hot outside even when you're just walking to your car! ugh! thank you for liking the picture!

hello stephanie! haha - i'm happy that you like it! if you try that, don't get caught, :)! thank you for coming by!

thank you, CTG ponies! oh, you'll love the snow, too, i'm sure! come over and let's make angels! :) thanks for galloping by!

hi t anne! i don't like it when it's toooo cold, either! thanks for coming by!

hi nivin! it's a rare sight in nc, so i can't blame the neighbors for having fun! we make snow angels from 2 inches of snow, haha! thanks for dropping by!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How cute! It made me feel a little cooler on this very hot day!

Nice to see some snow on a hot day like today~thanks dear!

Celeste said...

Funny! Your car looks very happy :)

betchai said...

haha, fun smile Che, they wanted to brighten your day and they did, not only to you, but to us as well.

Ebie said...

This is my main blog.
Che, you put on a smile on my face! Happy!

Elle Bee said...

CUTE! I love that you get snow. We don't see any snow here. And rarely even frost. True winters are a delight! Enjoy it when it comes this year.

cherie said...

thank you, ms. pat - would you believe, we had a power failure today, a most muggy day shortly before i went to work! ugh!

hi, lenore! thought i'd pass around some cool ice, lol! glad you liked it!

you're so right, celeste! we just had to capture it! thank you, dear!

beth! i'm glad you thought it was fun, too! the boys were actually asleep, but aris and i thought it was so cool!!

glad to oblige, ate ebie!! love it that you're here!

i will, elle! come over then and let's make snow angels!

kulasa said...

hello Che, ilang araw lang ako umabsent dito sa page mo ang dami mo ng post he he he...i remember that picture...and again it made me smile...take care sis, hugs!

maricar said...

what a huge smile Che! :)

pero ayoko munang makakita ng snow Che, at ngayon ko pa lang ine enjoy ang summer dito ;) teehee ;) but like everybody said this smile bring one to all, thanks Che :)

Ed said...

Pretty cool, I can't wait for fall and winter..:-)

cherie said...

hello, zen, car, and ed! thank you for the drop by! i'm glad you liked the picture!:)

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