Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Gotta

The journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are back! I mean, well, there are things going on around the world like the passing of Former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino two days ago, a most gracious lady and benevolent woman. Other things not too glamorous in magnitude perhaps like the death of one of my favorite writers Frank McCourt a few weeks back. My never-ending rashes.

And this. The lady journalists are back, thank You, Lord Jesus!

I taught (South) Korean students the English Grammar for more than 10 years on and off from 1991 till 2003, shortly before immigrating to the US with my family. They ARE a studious lot, fiercely loyal to their roots and history, and always I would say wishful, desirous, of unification with the North. I had never heard them say a word against their counterparts behind the Demilitarized Zone. I never egged, it was impolite. As a result, I have kept friendships with them, up to now. Some of my Filipino friends are married to some of them. Some of my students have married each other. They are good, respectable people.

And so I read. I read about Kim Il-Sung. And Kim Jong-Il. And now his son, Kim Jong-Un. I know about the defections, the prisons and brutal punishments and tortures, the kidnappings, the starving of the citizens and the fattening of the soldiers, forgive my language. I read a story about a kid who wandered close to the Chinese border, was amazed at how free the Chinese were to move around, and got imprisoned for his experience. Kids in prison. Atrocious. I know of the eating of rats and cockroaches in prison. Their missile gigs are beyond me, and the expensive public operatic presentations AND expansive displays of affection for the Dearly Beloved make me gag. I am sorry.

I am beyond happy. These journalists are here, alive, and with their families. I think even the ordinary reader will understand where I'm coming from. I think a great moment has just come for all of us.

Thank you all for reading.


betchai said...

Hi Che, I had misty eyes earlier seeing them board the plane back to US, happy for their release.

cherie said...

i'm really happy. life is precious! esp. when there are people one is living for. thank you for your comment, beth, i appreciate it very much.

Cher said...

i have high regards for Korean people too,Che. they are very polite and friendly. :)

cherie said...

that's right, cher! and this household loves their kimchi and dried seaweed, oh boy! glad to see you here, girl.

rainfield61 said...

I have visited once to South Korea, they are in fact very discipline.

cherie said...

you're right, rainfield. and very polite, wouldn't you say? thanks for the input..

Ayie said...

i read about them but never had an update...it's nice to know they are back safe

cherie said...

nice indeed, ayie, and for now, it is all that counts! blessed day to you, dear, and thanks!

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