Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zulma's Oh-So-Homemade Picadillo

Nothing elaborate to this, my friends. Zulma said you can use as many/much or as few/little of the ingredients, to your taste. And then she added, she'd have to kill me if I pressed for the family secret. So please make do, and see where you can add or remove, because I value my life, and I want another helping of this good stuff.

This here is transcribed as she wrote it in a piece of paper.


Pinto beans
Potatoes (if you want to add)
Black beans
Green pepper
Bell pepper
Chili powder
Knorr chicken Powder
4-6 cups of water
Tabasco sauce
Black Pepper
Ground turkey

Dice the vegetables.
Cook in pan. (She didn't say saute. And look again, NO OIL.)
Add meat.
Add condiments and water.
Add beans. Boil to cook.

This is my Spanish friend's post script:

Use teaspoons for measuring the condiments.

And finally, she wrote, Enjoy!

Please cook at your own pace. (This is mine.)


betchai said...

thanks for sharing this recipe Che, will have to try sometime.

cherie said...

Hi Beth1 sorry ha, medyo weird ang recipe. Heheh! I hope you enjoy your chili!

Whitemist said...

Thank you! Thank you! Chili in its many variations is always wonderful! I will try it soon, maybe with my own variation.

Whitemist said...

I also see the meat could vary or be optional, making it a vegetarian chili (which is also wonderful).

cherie said...

glad you like it, sir! i hope you can post about your version - chili is THE BEST EVER! yum!

Stephanie Faris said...

I've never had OR heard of Picadillo. I'm going to have to give that a try because now I'm curious!

cherie said...

hi steph! no cook myself, but man, look what we're missing! :)

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