Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scenic Sunday

North Carolina has some idyllic scenic spots, very nice to look at if you enjoy country driving. These pictures were taken in the Spring of 2008. The red barn standing in contrast to the leafless trees reminds me of the red barns of my storybooks as a child. The horses are steadily grazing, safe inside the fenced yard. And we share the roads with farm machinery. We even have road signs with cattle. It is very peaceful to live here.
(Pictures previously posted on Friendster)


diane said...

You are right it does look a peaceful area. I love the red barns. Our farmer's barns are a different shape to yours but we have an American moved in down te road and he put a barn that shape in his yard.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

North Carolina is one of the states I have always wanted to get around to visiting. Thanks for the brief peek.

Stephanie Faris said...

It does look very peaceful. You don't see much of that sort of scenery these days!

Reader Wil said...

It certainly looks very peaceful and romantic, Cherie! Thanks for your visit! Have a great week!

Mrs. White said...

You live in a beautiful spot!! I love the pictures.
Thanks for your visits to my blog! I appreciate your comments and enjoy hearing from you.

Mrs. White

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Cherie, wellllll...think I've got your blog added to my sidebar...again! I don't know what I've been doing incorrectly but think it's fixed now...I HOPE!
I love living in the country and have the same signs you have. I wouldn't trade country living for a penthouse in Manhattan!

cherie said...

hi ms. diane, very peaceful really. there are so many cute barns here of all different colors, but i see red so much more often than the others. thank you, ma'am!

do come for a visit, judy! my family would enjoy giving you a tour!

very calming, stephanie! country-driving beats going to the mall thumbs down! thank you again, dear!

very quiet and romantic, ms. wil. i love it! you are most welcome! and thank you, too!

i love visiting your site, mrs. white, it is as calming and soothing as these sights i enjoy in nc. thank you, too!

ms. s!!!! where have you been? i have been thinking and thinking about you, and was going to ask what happened to your blogroll - well, let me stay there TWICE then as i know you love me very much ;)! hihi - will go over there as soon as i get my two boys tethered and shackled (joke).

thank you, everyone! God's blessings on this Monday!

Elle Bee said...

OH it looks so lovely! Barns are such wonderful things to look at. Beautiful pictures.

cherie said...

thank you, ell bee! so calming, too...

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