Monday, August 17, 2009

Cents and Sensibility

It was the Pinata at a kid's party they attended. And that kid Alex who had cancer and sold lemonade.


My son, Matthew, seven, sold candies yesterday.

To neighbors.

He hitched up his skateboard, and made 'containers' out of paper and glue, and positioned himself outside the door.

He made his own signs, made up his own prices. I was MORTIFIED by the prices.

So imagine my surprise when, at the end of half an hour, he entered the house and showed me his earnings.

It may have been pity. Or just neighborly love.

But, am I convinced that this boy will never be hungry!


Ricardo said...

An entrepreneur in the making? I think so.

carma said...

reminds me of the time my son and his friend were selling water - from a hose!!!! I about died when I found out :D

blessedmom said...

wow Mommy! u got a smart kid there :) marunong sa buhay impressed! :)

thanks a lot for the visit and the nice comments Mommy cherie! appreciate it truly :)

take care and hope u have a blessed day! kisses to ur smart kiddo :)

rainfield61 said...

That is an old saying: like father like son.
It may apply. Haha..

Trudy said...

Funny...glad he made a profit!

Stephanie Faris said...

So clever! My boyfriend got in trouble in elementary school for buying candy and reselling it on the playground. The teachers were impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit, though, and let him sell it but only if he shared the proceeds with his classmates.

ladyviral said...

Wow, expensive candies! haha. Looks like your son is going to excel in the business world in the future.

Anonymous said...

But you have to love his loving thought and his creativity for this!!

Jesusa said...

kakatawa man daw an batit:) he's on his way to become a milyonario, yay! hugs to matthew.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How sweet, Cherie. Your son is already a 'salesman'... That was so sweet that he made up his own signs and decided how much to charge... What a creative young man... How NEAT!!!

betchai said...

wow, that's very impressive Che, and I like the presentation :)

Droomvla said...

Love the signs. Very creative. HAHAHAHAHA Kun ako man an neighbor, mabakal man ako. HAHAHAHA

simplebeauty said...

What a good sales person!

cherie said...

My dearest Friends, How wonderful to read your charming comments as I wake up this afternoon!

I hope he might become one, Ricardo!

Carma, that's hilatious, hahah!

Ay, naku, Blessedmom, sana paglaki, gamitin sa tama! ;)

How did you ever guess, Rainfiled? When Aris was seven, he sold cigarettes and candies. I sold lemonade and boiled bananas many a summer, just for the kick ot it.

Ms. Trudy, who would ever have thought! How was your trip?

Now that was smart, Steph! Matthew got the candy from the pinata. I told the boys they couldn't possibly eat all those candy. That (among others) gave him an idea to sell.

Heck, if he becomes, the next Donald Trump, I wouldn't mind, Ladyviral!;)

Oh, Icy! He did say he did it for me! You're so perceptive! Hugs!

Thank you, Tita Grace! Sana nga!
Hugs back!

Thank you, Ms. Betsy! There was no swaying him re: the prices. I still wonder how the neighbors haggled their way out of that one. Hugs back! ;)

Kaloka, Beth, hahah! I'm glad you enjoyed it!;)

Aluhunon ako, pero sige ko man an bati sa likod san pwerta, hahaha! Sabi ko ngani, ako na an mapakyaw..anyway. Thank you, tita Maris! :)

Thank you, Ashley! We hope he does become one! :)

shopannies said...

He is a young business man and making deals like that I think he will be just fine in life

Sol said...

amu nanggad, wara ini gutuman hehehehe.... may futuro an batit mo =)

cherie said...

lovely morning to you. ms. annie! i sure hope so, ma'am! thank you for the visit!

amo, ano? mayad ini na reminder saiya pagdako kun magluya-luya, lol!

cherie said...


sunnymama said...

What an entrepreneur!

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