Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dino Experience

Hello, everyone! This was taken on Aug. 6th, after the trail opened and Matthew wanted to go back to the Museum. So, let's go and take a peek at the earth's inhabitants pre-humans about 65 million years ago!

All done! Whew! It was muggy that day, so we stopped by the ice cream bar. Then we headed to the Library (one-stop shop, can't be going out everyday for every single thing in this heat, ugh!). And on that note, summer's officially gone. I'll miss it, and all the timeless no-rush family fun. See you all! Keep safe!


Thinking out loud said...

Nice pics!!!!! Dinosaurs are really amazing! My son & I also went to view them when "Dino's Alive!" were here. He's so fascinated with them and so was I.

cherie said...

thank you, des! nice to 'see' you here. i agree, we parents are just overgrown kids (ssshhh), and are equally fascinated by all these..God bless you and Ralph!

Icy BC said...

No, no, no...I don't want summer to be over just yet! I just need three more moths..

Wonderful pictures for a wonderful family time, Cherie!

cherie said...

oh Lord, me, too, Icy! yes, three more months! for the most part, i'll miss my son who'll be headed back to school, and afterschool, and God knows what else...thank you for coming by!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a neat place to take kids... I love it, Cherie. Looks like all four of you had a great time.

Can't believe that summer is OVER.... Mercy!!!!


ladyviral said...

Wow looks like everyone had fun at the Dinosaur land! I would love to see all this again, sadly not much form where I am. :P

cherie said...

i can't either, ms. betsy. i keep saying i'll miss my little boy, but it's because it's true!

hey LV! there are plenty of interesting things over there, too! i'm glad you enjoyed this. you are like me, young at heart, heheh!

betchai said...

summer is over :(

but hey, i do not complain, i love my classroom :) only that, i keep on imagining the waves in the middle of the day, and last weekend, our water was already back to the 60s, and am sure water will be much colder this weekend :( am hoping to hit the beach and ride more waves tomorrow though, before the water gets too cold to touch :(

betchai said... your pictures Che!

Cher said...

hi Che! let me thank you for your greetings first! at last, we are slowly settling down in our new found nest and should be able to send Kyla's letters soon. we have been traumatized by a conman (pretended to be a house owner and cheated us S$1500) last year so this time we took great pains to find a trusted agent to find us the right place. i will blog about it when i find ample time.

btw, i love the photos especially the family picture. it feels great to see the kids having fun. you are a picture of one happy family. :)

di nawala ang blog ko, ako lang nawala sa sobrang busy. hehehe! dami ko pang ililigpit but i'm taking my own sweet time now... ;)

kisses to AJ and Matt and regards to Aris. keep safe. :)

cherie said...

hello, bethsky! i really feel sad. this morning i told matthew i'll miss him - i can't say that enough, huhuhu! - but i guess, time enought next year for more fun! you enjoy your waves, dear, and how us some pictures! thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed the pics!

cherry pie! my dear girl, i can't open your blog just by clicking your name, how weird is that? i have to go to the homepage first! but i'm glad you're all settled! my good ness, that was a lot of money he took from you! m's still pining for kyla's letter, but he'll be fine. boys need to learn how to wait ;) you all take care! i always send all three boys your regards.

sunnymama said...

Wow! That looks such an awesome place! I would love to take sunnyboy there. :)

cherie said...

yes, fun for the kids and the kids at heart! thank you, sunny mama! let me know if you're both in town, we'll take you there!

cherie said...

yes, fun for the kids and the kids at heart! thank you, sunny mama! let me know if you're both in town, we'll take you there!

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