Saturday, August 8, 2009

Six-Word Saturday

"Just One More For The Road!"

Twenty minutes before coming off work this morning, one of the staff approached me to say that Mr. P (not his real name) couldn't breathe. I rushed to the room with the vitals equipment, and counted a full minute of respirations - 12. Not good. But the resident is on Morphine (with specifics), has end-stage Congestive Heart Failure, and is basically on hospice. Long story short, I got him straightened out.

Snags like this RIGHT when you're ready to leave ONE part of yourself to morph into quite another, and reverse and change roles for the day just makes me sigh "Just one more for the road!"

Sorry, I am very new to this LINK and am not quite sure if I had to explain my six words, but I did anyway.

Just one more for the road for you guys, haha! Blessings to you, and do come share yours!!


Jenn@ You know... that Blog? said...

Hey there - thanks for letting me know you'd caught up with your link! ;)

Sounds like you had your hands full this morning..!

betchai said...

glad to know you were able to straighten him out Che i am sure it is not easy to look at our patients in pain but the happiness of being able to help them get another chance in life am sure more than rewards the pain.

Whitemist said...

glad you had just one more for the road, my dear Cherie! Very, Very god!

cherie said...

hi jenn, beth, and sir whitemist!

and my six words to cap all that was 'now i can really go home!!'

gotta love my job! :)

thank you all!

Pacey said...

I have been wanting to play this word meme but I always tend to forget. Mabuhay! and have a happy weekend!

cherie said...

thank you pacey, expect me on thursday! ;)

carma said...

Talk about stress!

cherie said...

spice of life, carma! thank you for the visit! :)

Trudy said...

That's an awesome post Cherie! And there really aren't any rules, you can do whatever you want with your six words...explanation or not!

The blog looks great!

cherie said...

oh, thank you, trudy! i am so glad you helped me with mr. linky. you are now officially one of my blogging angels (gosh there are so many of you, i'm so blessed!) :) i'm adding you to my blogroll now! huge hugs!

Jewel Goodwin said...

That is the kind of 'one more for the road' we should all do now and then... save another life.

cherie said...

thank you, jewel. hey, i'm waiting for your new posts!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

One more for the road—
not a drink, but draughts of love
for all things comely.

My Six Words

Call Me Cate said...

Wow, nothing like thinking you're done for the day and then to be hit with something like that.

You can explain your words. Or not. There's no real rule as long as your six words are clear. I like how you did this - thanks for playing.

cherie said...

thank you, magic mystical teacher! nice six words you got, too!

thank you, cate! looking forward to next saturday!

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