Friday, August 14, 2009

Watchful Keeper

"God is a wakeful, watchful Keeper; He is never weary; He not only does not sleep, but He does not so much as slumber...He is always near His people for protection...He will take care that His people shall not fall...The Lord shall prevent the evil thou fearest, and sanctify, remove, or lighten the evil thou feelest...He will preserve the soul...He will keep thee in life and death."
Psalm 121 1:8


Bonnie Bonsai said...

very beautiful cherie! relaxing sunset with a beautiful verse from the Book of Psalm to go along.

are you Ilonggo?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo and great Psalm to contemplate on..

cherie said...

thank you po, ate inday. half po.

thank you, Icy. i'm glad you like it.

betchai said...

oh Che, what a very beautiful photo, made even more powerful and inspiring with your verse quote.

thanks so much Che for sharing.

Whitemist said...

The Psalms have been my strength for my mind many times in this situation I have found my self in, Thank yo for the post.

cherie said...

you are most welcome, sir. the psalms are a constant source of my strength as well.

diane said...

What fabulous colours. WOW!

cherie said...

thank you, ms. diane. aris took that shot.

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