Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jack and Jill Go to Hospital

How many of you know the second half of the rhyme?

Up Jack got
And home did trot
As fast as he could caper
Went to bed
And plastered his head
With vinegar and brown paper.
But Jill is worried and wants a CAT scan. As a nurse, she wants to know what type of head injury Jack may have incurred. No time to lose! As she cranks up the car, she lists in her mind the almost similar symptoms one gets with blows to the head, and keeps her fingers crossed.
Her mind races, and she thinks of all the possible things that can happen, among others:
Skull fracture
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Cerebral contusion
(sometimes) Shaken Baby Syndrome
Right now Jack has a Glasgow Coma Scale of 12/15 -he opens his eyes spontaneously, but he acts confused and disoriented, and flexes his arms to painful stimuli. Jill puts miles on the car.
Her mind is on that poor Canadian woman who couldn't get a surgery despite her spinal problem, and couldn't even find a surgeon months after her diagnosis. Oh, what to do!
She parks the car in front of the Emergency Department, where their primary physician is on duty, waves frantically at the first attendant she sees, clutches their insurance cards, and as Jack is wheeled in by a set of professionals, prays to high heavens that all this debate on the nationalization of the health system will come to a good close.
Sometimes, we don't need too much rhetoric, just simple understandable concepts to deliver facts. Healthcare is 20% of America's economy. There is immense pressure to 'fix' it as a healthy healthcare means a healthy economy - billions of jobs can be generated from savings, taxes saved to put up more infrastructures, etc. We hope to do away with firewalls that are restricting Americans from making the choices they want for their health. But at the same time, we also aim to safeguard the patients' interests from those people and businesses whose purpose for either opposing or okaying Obama's bill is to nickel and dime their way to profitability.
food for thought


Icy BC said...

Health care will remain the biggest problem in this country, and it will take a long time to get it in the right direction.

cherie said...

oh, thanks for your insight, Icy - i'd began to wonder whether people still read up on the national issues. you are so right! i am watching obama live on cnn at the moment. it's very good to be on our toes on things that matter. thanks again!

betchai said...

what an apt analogy you have represented here Che, hopefully,a genuine healthcare reform that will work on the best interest of the people will soon be served in this country, it is so hard to come up with one great solution when there are so many that thinks of their profits first.

jhackie decena said...
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Jesusa Arevalo said...

i was listening to him on npr on my way home. i'm just a little worried about how much this will cost. i'm still winded by the bank bailout....

lily said...

Your concerns regarding healthcare in your side of the world baffle me. Really. I suppose our views will have to differ since I have a different world view coming from the third world and having been exposed to OUR healthcare system here...

cherie said...

thank you for your insight, beth - you are so right. hopefully, both sides are open to reform, you know - there is no one ultimate solution, but to make it affordable without sacrificing quality appeals to me a a lot..

cherie said...

it's worrisome, grace.. i am worried about the delays in care, etc. whew! but in the long run, with all forces into play, hopefully, we'll be able to iron the kinks out and see what'll be all right..

cherie said...

hihi, sis, don't be baffled - there is a world of difference. first, we have to do something about the corruption in the philippines before they can straighten out anything else (much less health care). over here, it's just a matter of "revamping" becasuse health care's pretty much in place..

Esha said...

Health care will always remain a problem in this country. Nice to see someone else's views. I don't think there's any one solution to the problem...maybe prayer?

cherie said...

prayer it is, esh. thanks for hopping by!

skyblue said...

if thats goin to be the case,theres more to be of jack and jill..i guess,they need to pray hard too..but this time to successfully GO UP THE HILL.

cherie said...

ah yes, to watch their steps so they don't end up going to the hospital for any falls at all! smart! haaay, if life were only as simple, no? thanks, nits!

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