Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MJ Living On

There is still a lot of hyperbole circulating about Michael Jackson.

But when I think of him these days, I think about the one person who should have been soothed by his own songs. I feel sad because inspite of his huge musical legacy, he was a wasted man - wasted also, not just because of the many contradictions in his life, but because we stood in awe of his legendary music without really 'seeing' the person behind it.

His numerous plastic surgeries and skin bleaching treatments, resulting in such dramatic physical changes, were testimony to a life echoing with sad overtures. He lived with a steady stream of opiates in order to deal with his everyday stresses - mounting pressures that ultimately did him in.

What do you know about that, you say. Everything written and said about his abusive life is hearsay, you say.

Well. Mea culpa.

All I know is I am sad. I guess I already said that.

God rest his soul.


betchai said...

I used to despise seeing Michael when he changed his appearance, I really hated to look, yet I love his songs. I felt sad looking at him. But then later, it dawned on me, who am I to judge? Do I know his life? He may be living in a very sad life and we do not know. He may be the product of people around him misunderstanding him, of not seeing him as person. And when I saw his funeral, with his daughter crying, I saw some human person in him, that despite his humongous problems, he was able to keep his children close to him as father and shelter them away from the unseeing and judging crowds, to be able to describe hims as her best daddy. I still feel sad thinking about his life, about the way he left the world. May MJ rest in peace.

cherie said...

oo nga, beth. so sad. a man gone before his time.

Jesusa Arevalo said...

when hayden was 3yrs old she started listening and singing to the Jackson Five CD. his songs will live on, a great performer forever:)

cherie said...

he is now a curiousity to their generation just as elvis was/is to ours..

kulasa said...

hi sis Che! i love his songs "Heal the World" and "Man in the Mirror"....what with lyrics that say-

"i see the kids in the street,with not enough to eat, who am i to be blind? pretending not to see their needs?....i'm starting with the man in the mirror, i'm askin' him to change his ways..if you wanna make this world a better place, you gotta look at yourself and then make a change"

...he must have lived an imperfect must have been hard to be "him" gosh to be famous and all and not be truly happy...or was he? nobody really knows but one thing is certain, his death moved us all...and if only we listen intently to the message in his songs and for once act...we could, heal the world and make it a better place and that will make all the difference...

cherie said...

oh, very true, sis. his 'heal the world' always makes me cry. thank you for the insight...

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