Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long Life

All right. I was heating my food up one night, and one of the staff saw me. And stopped. Because I was using a microwavable bowl. I said I was trying to be more healthy. I said, it was bad enough that I was 'nuking' my food without using plastic. So....

She was fascinated.

Well, another co-worker who overheard us joined in and said, I have something that you might like, Cherie. And I did like it, so here I am sharing it with you.

This is taken from wikiHow, the how-to manual that anyone can write or edit:

How to Live a Long Life

1. Eat healthy.
2. Introduce regular exercise into your life.
3. Develop a sleep schedule.
4. Drink plenty of water.
5. Think first. (all about safety, protective gear, looking before you leap)
6. Reduce causes of stress and depression in your life.
7. Give up smoking.
8. Be safe. (all about avoiding potentially dangerous activities like skydiving, bullfighting, or marriage heheheh)
9. Stock up on antioxidants. (fruits and veggies)
10. Avoid overindulgence.
11. Have yearly physicals.
12. Wear sunblock.
13. Try not to be afraid. (don't be afraid, be aware.)
14. Drink lots of tea.
15. Eat dark chocolate.
16. Drink one glass of red wine a day. (or consider eating red grapes instead)


I have a patient who told me his wife is still living and they've been married 59 years. I said, wow, that's a long, solid time! He said with a chuckle, Well, I've learned how to take orders. LOL!

Well, maybe we should, too! Here's to a long, healthy life, my dear friends! Cheers!


Willie said...

Agree. hehe

cherie said...

let me guess, willie - you talking about number 8 or following orders or both?

ladyviral said...

Good list!

Lol at the taking orders :P.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I agree with your list. Hope you are having a great day, Cherie!

rainfield61 said...

#6 is out of control.
1. Thinking of how to write a post is streeful.
2. Waiting for comments is streeful.
3. Failing to meeting my number of post per month is stressful.

Sigh... is stressful to write this comment too.

Whitemist said...

A good list, of course there always the "outliers" (a statistical term to refer to those points that do not fit). An example is a gentleman in New Orleans who lived to 112 who smoked, drank and did many other unhealthy things except that he definitely had no stress in his life, he enjoyed it.

sunnymama said...

Love the quote from your patient married 59yrs :)

Mei Teng said...

Forgive one's enemies. Unforgiveness poisons the soul.

Karen said...

Sounds good to me.

Icy BC said...

Great advices!

Jesusa said...

a nice list to live by

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Cherie---and a list we can all use --and add to... Yes, in marriage, we all need to learn to communicate better (even if that means that we don't get out own way)...

Have a great weekend.

DebbieDana said...

Great list! My husband does most of the list and im trying to follow him.. :)

Karinann said...

Great post with some good advice! Thanks Cherie!

Droomvla said...

here's a thought for me... i don't do any of these things. lol

blessedmom said...

couldn't agree more! :)like the list sis! :)

take care and have a blessed weekend :)

carma said...

Amen on the learning how to take orders.. Why can't my husband to that ;-)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wonderful advice!

cherie said...

My dear friends,

I hope to have the fortitude to follow even HALF of this myself.~ you are the silliest, Rainfield, lol! and I totally agree with you, Sir W, and Mei,and Ms. Betsy!

Thank you, everyone, for your comments!

Now the race is on!! Happy living!!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Spices are excellent anti-oxidants too! Thanks for the great list.

cherie said...

and thank you, for the tip, judy! i love spices!!!

betchai said...

i was about to leave a comment and decided to read the comments first and rainfield's comment distracted me, i laughed out loud now i don't know what to say, hahahaha!

anyway, i will just eat lots of red and black grapes Che, and cherries, and veggies and fruits since i don't drink wine.

cherie said...

rainfield needs some wine, beth. hahaha! hi, rainfield! peace!

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