Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Six-Word Saturday

(picture source: Funny Pictures of Babies)

is MOM!

It is the most popular word in the house, and this being a Saturday, it reverberates around the walls, at maybe 100mph.

'Mom, look!....'
'Mom, I said milk.'
'Mom, how does meat feel in your hands?'
'Mom, where are the scissors?'
'Mom, c'mere!'
'Mom, the house is on fire!' ~~~okay, I made this one up.~~~


I haven't joined in a while. I hope this pretty much explains it. (grin) Have a good one, everybody!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Mom. Is that your name?
Mom this, Mom that, Mom the same?
Oh, Mom—what a game!

Diane said...

LOL...oh how I remember those days. Now I just sit back and listen to my grandkids yelling out "MOM" and it is not about me anymore.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute Cherie....LOVE it.... I remember those days of Mom this, Mom that, Mom whatever.... ha ha


Elle Bee said...

Cute! I just love to hear that sound "mom". Isn't it wonderful?
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Trudy said...

Hi Cherie! I love your post! I'm sure there are somedays you would rather be anyone but mom! But what a blessing it is for sure!

God bless my friend!

Jesusa said...

LOL, i still do the same thing with my mom. I just can't help it.

Icy BC said...

I love that picture, only if we could put to work! LOL..

rainfield61 said...

Cute post, but if we switch off the mouth, that is no more fun.

Scarlet said...

Cute pic and post! My kids are older and it's still all Mom this and Mom that. Does it ever end??

Stephanie Faris said...

Have you seen this clip from Family Guy? I think this pretty much sums up the "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" thing:

Call Me Cate said...

At least you'll never forget who you are! Thanks for playing 6WS!

betchai said...

you must be in heavens Che everytime you hear "mom..."

your boys are adorable.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

LOL..Cherie...actually my mom had a grease fire in the house when I was younger. She grabbed WATER, (I know!)and my dad hurried up and grabbed flour. You can't put out a grease fire with water LOL.. Hope you had a lovely day.

Sol said...

hahahaha... enjoy mo yan niyan kay ma mi miss mo yan pagdaragku kan mga yan! =) ... ingat kamo! (magreklamo ba hehehehe)

cherie said...

thank you, MMT. meet M-O-M. how are you, dear?

i count my quiet days, diane. they're SELDOM. i envy you.

haha - when it gets too much, i tell them to go call their dad while i change my name. thanks, ms. betsy.

i pretend it is not. but it is. it is the SWEETEST word in the world. thanks, elle!

hi, ms. trudy, the wishing days are many, but the real days are scant! LOL God bless you, too! take extra care now - you're carrying a little bundle!

oh GAWD, grace! haha! i guess amo man ako, ano, kun yadi? hahah! nano, okay na an kotse mo?

i know, Icy, hahah!

i know, rainfield, hahah! just for a minute every hour, maybe?

oh wow, i'll take it from you, scarlet! maybe it doesn't! thank you for coming by!

hilarious, steph! thanks for sharing!

sometimes it's all three of them. so i make them stop and raise their hands. they give me something to do, beth! hahah! thanks for taking the time to come over!

a grease fire! thanks for the tip, ms. deb. the kitchen is no-no to them, unless there's an adult. wow, more things to look forward to, so help me!! lol

aysus, gigamu na kaya ako kun minsan, hahahaha! nano, okay na an computer mo? thank you sa pagkadi, ha?

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Bwahaha... that really made me laugh out loud. I KNOW so many moms out there that would absolutely LOVE this if it was SO real!!! =)

shopannies said...

Mom is the most beautiful word of all time

Se'Lah said...

Mom, Mom, Mom...

too cute.

cherie said...

hi, michele! missed you for a while here, dear1 i'm glad it made your day! ^_^

it is, ms. annie. thank you!

him se'lah! thanks for coming over!

jabblog said...

I still turn round when I hear 'Mum' then realise it's not this mum that's required!

Ayie said...

well if you don't hear those words you'll feel dull there at home for sure!

cherie said...

hi, jab! hi, aying! it's uncanny. i don't know if i'll ever get used to silence when they grow up. (or do they?)

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