Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Lord's Commandments, Interpreted

Matthew writing ways on how to keep holy the Sabbath day

Our son is enjoying his Sunday school. When they first learned about the Commandments, it was most interesting how the kids interpreted them. They were even taught a song to help them remember all 10.

When we got home, M set to work. I was wondering what kept him up. He said he was writing house rules. He was writing rules on how to get closer to God. He put them up the kitchen wall for everybody to read. Here they are:

1. No pushing.
2. No punching.
3. No fighting.
4. No yelling or screaming when a person is sleeping.
5. No teasing.
6. No bad words.
7. No scaring.
8. No breaking.
9. No scratching.
10. No switching of lights on and off.
11. No panicking.
12. No worrying.

Now, I have no doubt he means his brother and himself. But isn't it amazing how little kids can actually translate the fears of the adults, too? Worrying, for instance, which Catholics (like our family) seem to have a monopoly on. But I guess no one is exempt.
We all know too well that the Commandments can be summed up in one word: LOVE. The sad part is, sometimes we need kids to remind us about it.


Ebie said...

Although we set ourselves some rules or commandments, I sometimes go astray, but I learn through my mistakes. Its a good thing when kids at an early age attend Sunday school.
This is a nice post, Cherie.

Droomvla said...

You said something about Catholics making a claim on No Worrying. I thought it was rather odd that Catholics were singled out. What about the claim or claims of others?

BUT who cares about the claim/s. As you pointed out, it all boils down to LOVE. So let there be LOVE.

cherie said...

Thank you, Ate Ebie. I have along way to go myself, but life is a long journey of learning, I suppose.

Amo ina an nangyayari pag pirmi may aling, Maris. Niyan di free na an duwa ko na kamot, na-EDIT ko na, hahahaha!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cherie, We can learn so much from kids.. Your son is very SMART.

I think we adults need to write words like that ---of things we need to do or have: (words like faith; trust; hope; LOVE --as you said; patience; being non-judgmental--hard one; and ATTITUDE).. We all have choices how we live our lives. Those choices show the real US!!!!!


Jesusa said...

good job M!

Karen said...

Out of the mouths of babes.....

Anonymous said...

matalinong bata si Matthew. kahit sa murang edad, marunong nang mag-set ng regulasyon. manang-mana sa parents.

Icy BC said...

Mathew is right! From his list, I can see the things we adults do sometimes..

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Beautiful interpretation. You are bringing your children up right and will be truly blessed for this.

II Timothy 3:15

Willie said...

I can't wait for my son to be old enough to join our church Sunday school. I am glad that my son can recite a simple prayer before eating.

Reader Wil said...

Jesus said that the ten commandments actually were only two commandments:1. Love the Lord your God.2. The second equal to that:love your neighbour like yourself!
You said it in one word:"Love"!Thanks for the wonderful post Cherie! We protestants know also what worrying is.

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...
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Ebie said...

Im back, and I look forward to your surprise! I visited Jesusa's blog, neighbors pala kami, I knew she is from SoCal, maybe mga 10 to 15 miles lang.

Cher said...

true Che, oftentimes the kids remind us of God's teachings in their innocent smart ways...

Melissa G. said...

That's neat. I love hearing how he was interpreting the 10 commandments!

tessa said...

Cherie.. katibay man sadi na eldest mo.. nano na sadi ang grade?abadaw kay ipabasa ko ini kan david. Also, salamatunon man kay gin-expose mo ako didi sa blog mo... wara lang tabi ako sin aram before... niyan i am having the time of my life ... baga nangayud nakahanap ako sin damo na kakilala, even if i don't even know them personally... lain ako nagpopost sa iba kay akala ko i need to open an acct. evertime i go to a new site and leave a post.. lain man palan. Anyway, i enjoy reading all of them!
You are right on the spot my friend... LOVE.. is the most important thing. This is the very essence of the message in John 3:16

p.s. yada palan dida sa NC niyan si husband since wednesday, may project siya dida nagin-pafollow-up, in a militray facility i believe. kun wara lang sin eskuwela nag-upod na kuta kami.

rainfield61 said...

I need to write the rules a hundred times in order to keep reminding myself.
No worrying, no worrying.....

cherie said...


i appreciate your input, and agree with your insight, ms. betsy! thank you for your nuggets of wisdom!

thank you, grace!

i know, ms. karen! (i'll have to 'see' you soon!)

salamat po, manoy doro.

you're so right, Icy! i am guilty of a number of things A LOT!

thank you, judy! we try, ma'am...

hey, willie! it is FUN to watch them learn on their own! i am excited for you!

thank you, ms. wil! so nice of you to come! yeah, no one is exempt.

it is inspiring to hear children explain their understanding of the God. thank you, mel!

thank you, tessa! amo, masay man lang mag-blog nan post, saro lang na account. baya-i lang, next time, di planuhon ta. magayunon pagturuan an mga batit kay ka retentive. kun magtali sinda (hanggang) pagdako, daku-dako na blessing. lalo na kun magdako na hararum an insight. hala, hulaton ta ikaw mag-blog! welcome palan, hihi. intra na kay damu na naghuhulat saimo.

cherie said...

haha! i didn't mean to leave you out, rainfield - my fingers are too impatient! i know what you eman, dear. worrying alone is responsible for half of the grey hair on my head, hahahaha!!!

Ayie said...

early learning for kids, that's o nice. They will grow up to be better christians!

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