Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today's Flowers

[One day, as a crowd milled around, jostling and elbowing Jesus,
a woman drew near
with faith in her heart and one thought in her mind:
"If only I can touch the tassel of His cloak,
I'll be healed!"
She did - and was healed.
Then Jesus stopped.
"Who touched Me?" He asked.
Dull-witted, as usual, the Apostles answered,
"Master, how can You ask such a question
when there are so many people
pressing about You on every side?"
But He ignored them and insisted,
"Someone touched Me.
I can tell My healing power's been at work."

By this time, everybody realized something serious'd happened.
They held their breath and backed away,
then blurted out:
"I didn't do anything."
"Don't look at me!"
"I didn't even come near Him!"
And the poor woman,
trembling and alone in the circle they'd cleared,
admitted, "The one who touched You - it was I."]
(Text source: That Man Is You by Louis Evely)

I love that book, I read portions of it every once in a while. I thought the text goes well with the flowers I chose for today's meme. I hope you enjoyed both. Beautiful Sunday, my friends!


Ed said...

Very nice, fall is just around the corner..:-)

dibear said...

Lovely morning glories. :)

Carletta said...

Perfect quote for the morning glories!
Lovely shots!

Carletta’s Captures.

Laerte Pupo said...

Nice photo. Thaks for sharing.

Coffeedoff said...

So pretty!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

His touch is miraculous today as yesterday! Thank you for sharing.

cherie said...

thanks, ed. it is.

they're very dainty. thank you, dbear!

i'm glad you liked them! thanks, carletta!

thank you, senor laerte.

hello, ms. dorothy (coffeedoff), thank you!

oh, always. thanks again, juds!

Karen said...

I love morning glories - these are beautiful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love that story from the Bible, Cherie. I've seen it done as part of a drama before. Very effective--and one reason that I LOVE the color purple.


Jama said...

It's so beautiful! it's morning glory isn't it?

Tulip said...

beautiful field of purple flowers.

cherie said...

thank you, ms. karen! good morning to you!

oh ms. betsy, i LOVE purple, too1 and i love Bible-inspired plays. i've been in one too many when i was in high school!

yes, jama. thanks for the drop by!

hi, tulip, i guess you can say that. thanks, dear!

Ayie said...

i blieve God touches us and our lives in all ways possible too =)

cherie said...

you nailed that one, aying! thanks!

Icy BC said...


I am so needed to read this today, and I don't how I've missed this post!

This reading is such an inspiring and soothing to my belief..

Beautiful photos that go so well with it!

cherie said...

i am so happy that you liked it and that it has touched you, Icy. i write several articles a day wheneve i get a chance, so just scroll down - i am glad you found this! happy day, my friend! Jesus and i love yah!

Denise said...

Wonderful flowers. Thank you so much for sharing them with Today's Flowers.

cherie said...

you're most welcome, denise!


Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing every idea,every picture. Sorry if my writting english is not correct. Lovely greeting from Spain!

cherie said...

hello, princess laura lis. your english is fine! i thank you for having visited my site! i will go to your blogsite soon1 hugs, sweetie!

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